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English Poem Hi Election

Monoranjan Das

We are all too excited,

For a whole day enjoying ourselves.

From villagers to celebrities in each corner,

Everyone is a very important owner.

Everyone wants to change herein, despite their dreams.

A businessman thinks for his better improvements,

For his business purposes.

A politician thinks of catching his power And carrying on his political future program.

The Election Commission thinks to discover,

The best leader for developing countries.

A general person wants a bright future And feels very happy for next year.

A beggar also thinks that if new rules and regulations,

For their beggar communities in a new session.

A farmer thinks about his harvest system, To increase the field's power from time to time.

The election is a very good method to choose,

A perfect intelligent leader for a bright future purpose.

Who can bring a new suitable peaceful life,

For all human beings in a country?

The best leader is very essential for developing countries,

In every moment to choose a good disposition in a century.

A worker thinks that his patients are peaceful When a country chooses a good leader happily.

The new voters are excited to give their valuable votes,

Also, they can change the reality of growth by voting.

This is a very big and long procedure for election purposes,

A minimum wrong decision is to change the whole process. 

Many people are necessary for this project,

Each and everyone does this act.

Office staff, Clark, teachers, college staff, health staff, and so many others are involved in the fight.

This schedule will be running for a long time,

Every polling personnel, sector officer, and others take training from time to time.

The parts are running in many places, 

And working many types of work in different places.

Some people engage to read all papers for election purposes,

Some are working in the materials section and some are working in different cells.

But all are working on election duties for their better performance, 

To do all things without any hesitation in a mode of silence.

 All are trying to solve the top of the problems to the bottom,

The voters are coming to the polling station to push the choice button.

Also join police forces, and armies for election purposes,

To save human life and maintain the whole program.

All are taken total training in two or three phases, Then everyone waits for P-1 day everywhere. 

At last P-1 day is coming and all are gathered in a place,

 To collect their duties and polling materials from perfect counters.

Everyone takes meals from the shop or brings them from the house,

After lunch, all search the route buses,

To reach the polling station,

Without any kind of hesitation or tension.

But every man or polling personnel does this very well,

all are ready on various types of paperwork as well. 

Then all are going to sleep in a dream world,

And all are waiting for the marvelous poll day of their beautiful World.

At last,

the poll day is coming in front of all,

To choose the marvelous future, Just like nature.

All are collected materials from DC RC,

Which is necessary for polling duties, 

Polling agents come with confidence, 

Then they mock poll and seal the control units.

After the poll, the machine is closed,

Officers are getting ready to fill up the forms at the end.

Then all are back to DC RC, 

To submit the whole materials for voting purposes.

At last, all go back to their own houses,

The materials collectors also go to their houses.

After a few days, the results were announced by the election commission,

The country is finding a good leader for future sessions.

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