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RMS Titanic


Monoranjan Das

The biggest and most gorgeous ship,

In the whole world.

By the Britain Government,

Started in the nineteenth century.

They wanted to discover,

A historical biggest and most speedy ship.

Which was known as the RMS Titanic,

They gave the contract to White Star Line Company.

As the Britain Government decided,

At last, the date came,

When the ship was started to build.

On 31st March 1909.

The biggest ship was born in

Belfast, North Ireland.

About fifteen thousand engineers and many workers,

They were continuously worked for three years,

It is watertight with safety features,

With their hardest and best performance,

So it's called an unsinkable ship.

They made sixteen different compartments in the ship,

Which is required for different purposes.

The biggest historical ship was getting ready to swim,

In the Atlantic Ocean.

Which was ready on 2nd April 1912,

The actual real-time came in 1912.

The waiting was finished,

The biggest historical ship launched-

10th April 1912 with 920 passengers.

The RMS Titanic was started its marvelous first journey,

From Southampton, England.

One million visitors saw the opening ceremony,

When Titanic started its journey towards New York.

Its speed is forty-five kilometers in an hour,

In the water in Ocen.

It was the highest speed at that time,

When riched the Cherbourg, in France in the evening,

274 hoped passengers were waiting.

Then the ship riched the Queens town,

They wanted to enjoy their historical journey from this town,

After 123 passengers ride in the ship from Queens Town.

Its last journey towards Newyork,

But when it goes out from Irelands,

The captain got the news about the iceberg.

Edward John Smit was a British RD RNR naval officer,

He served as a master of numerous,

White Star Line Vessels.

14th April 1912, the ship touched the iceberg at 11.40 p.m,

The ship was damaged on its right side at that time.

Then the ship and its engine totally stop,

When passengers are knowns, they can try to climb the top.

The passengers of the third class ran towards the upper class,

The designer Thomas Andrews said water came very soon to class,

Then the ship will be sinking in the ocean.

But at that time only twenty lifeboats were available,

Per boat only sixty-five passengers were suitable.

At that time only twenty passengers sat per boat,

So many others did not get advantages in the boat.

Many people died for that reason,

But in the meantime, some musicians create music,

For the last moments, they were enjoying the traffic.

A huge amount of water filled in front of the ship,

Then was broken into two parts the ship.

At last 2.20 a.m., the ship was sinking,

Into the Atlantic Ocean forever in its first journey.

1517 passengers have died at that moment,

Some were sinking others were for low temperatures.

After two hours seven hundred ten people were recovered,

They lived in a bad situation.

The ship sank into the ocean for its heavy speed,

after many investigations, people were read.

The Titanic sank into the Atlantic Ocean,

But every man alive in their heart is in real motion.


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Why did the Titanic sink into the ocean?

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